Magix - Samplitude Pro X Suite REPT x86+x64 UPDATE ONLY [12.06.2012, ENG+RUS] + Crack

    Magix - Samplitude Pro X Suite REPT x86+x64 UPDATE ONLY [12.06.2012, ENG+RUS] + Crack
    MAGIX Samplitude Pro X Suite v12.0 является идеальным DAW для бескомпромиссного звукопроизводства - от аранжировки и записи, редактирования и смешивания, вплоть до профессионального мастеринга и CD / DVD-авторинга.
    Год: 2012 Размер: 219 Мб 28.12.2012 - обновлен (добавлена папка с руссификатором от Теодорррро) Разработчик: MAGIX Язык интерфейса: Английский руссификатор Таблетка: Присутствует Версия: 12 Build 2.0.170 Разрядность: 32bit+64bit Системные требования: Magix Samplitude Pro X Suite Работа с полностью настраиваемым интерфейсом и опыт DAW с учетом ваших потребностей. Точность звукового движка с поддержкой 64-разрядности, выдающегося качества плагины мастеринга, 5.1 Surround смешивания и его способность быть интегрированной в вашей студии делают Samplitude Pro X самой мощной звуковой рабочей станцией. Top Features - One-box Solution - 100% neutral sounding hybrid audio engine - 64-Bit Support - Intelligent docking concept - Spectral editing on track level - 5.1 Surround mixing - Advanced object editing - essentialFX Suite - VariVerb Pro - Vintage Effects Suite - Virtual instruments - High-End Mastering Plug-ins - Independence Sampler Workstation with a 70 GB content library - AAF/OMF support Samplitude Pro X Suite is the perfect DAW for uncompromised audio productions - from arranging and recording, to editing and mixing, all the way to professional mastering and CD/DVD authoring. Work with a fully customizable interface and experience a DAW tailored to your needs. The precision audio engine with 64-bit support, outstanding mastering quality plugins, 5.1 Surround mixing and its ability to be seamless integrated into your studio make Samplitude Pro X the most powerful audio workstations. Доп. информация: 12/06/2012 Samplitude 64 Bit Bridge: Plug-in window position was not saved -fixed 64 bit version: Problems with multitrack AIFF and object resampling -fixed CD Import/Burning New burn routines (compatible with Windows 8) Import / Export Loading of file names with different character set than set in the operating system (e.g. Japanese/Russian...) Available via internal File Manager or Drag'n'Drop (also in Load Wav dialog, but without multi selection) Display and references in program are based on Windows short file names. This also applies for the object name a.s.o. Improved exchange of projects with non-ASCII names, though there can be still problems if projects with references to Non-ASCII file names are exchanged with other systems Saving of batch processing presets, file extension .batch.xml AAF Import: Timestamp fix AAF Import: Frame rate is imported Waveformes of files longer than 13 hours were sometimes not shown -fixed Recording / Sync Template for Record file naming can be set in Record Dialog too Recording: New file naming: Tracknumber + Takename and Trackname +Takename Record dialog position was not remembered -fixed Opening of Sync dialog stopped recording -fixed 29.97 df format jumped at 24:00 to 00:00 -fixed Time display h:m:s was sometimes wrong for 29.97 df -fixed Mixer / FX / Instruments Updated Vita, Automatic update or download of Vita if older Vita version is installed. Independence Updated Vintage FX Suite: Restore problems ( ) after save or snapshot -fixed modulation source Problems with tempo synch (sample rate, BPM) -fixed Vandal: Problems with switching Stomp boxes on/off -fixed New command Menu View -> Window -> FX windows hide/show All FX windows are closed or restored A given shortcut should work (could depend on the shortcut and whether the plug-in is using the , character) though not for effects in VSTBridge New command "Record-exclusive" that exclusively enables the selected track for recording Play start could take long with many objects and activated Resampling / TSPS -fixed Crashes with Surround FFT Filter + Dehisser -fixed Audio Metronome: Metronome sound changed after sample rate alteration -fixed Surround Objekt Surround Automation: Position is shown in Object Editor New templates Surround 5_1 ITU.VIP Surround 5_1 ITU + Stereo Downmix ITU (-3 dB).VIP Surround templates (*.GSS) renewed Reset template for Stereo Downmix added Video Improved video readers Video files that cannot be found will be kept in the project (e.g. when changing from x32 to x64 bit version) 64 bit video reader for some formats (MPEG, some MOV) Hardware Controller EuCon Performance problems solved Performance optimization for peakmeter Global RecRdy, Global Mute Global Solo only worked during button push -fixed Windows 8 Compatibility: Driver installation of some controllers (e.g. AlphaTrack, Tascam FW-1884) should be carried out in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode Enhanced Controller Setup CPS files are saved in XML format (*.CPSXML) Old CPS files can still be imported with "Import template" in context menu (former shift "new") and will be transformed into the new format There is a new "FactoryPreset" folder that includes all CPS files that are shipped with the program. They can be loaded with "Add new" but cannot be overwritten. Therefore, program patches won't overwrite customer's presets with identical names any more. Saving of controls without assigned function possible Default „#New“ CPS file Touch and Push-Handling for Track-, Marker- and SlotSelectController added EQ function display changed from Gain0..3, Freq0..3,... to Gain1..4, Freq1..4... Function Select Dialog: EQ learn with Slot = Band, Param can assign the following values: 1 (Gain), 2 (Freq), 3 (Q) New functions added (especially for Easy Learn): Track Gain HWC_TRACK_MONO (Master-Mono) HWC_TRACK_PHASEINVERT MasterStereoEnhancer on/off NSM_ID_TRKLINK_MASTER NSM_ID_NORM_MASTER NSM_ID_AUTO_MASTER NSM_ID_PLAY (for Easy Learn in Mixer) Auto Learn function works also with a buttons on a controller Easy Learn Protocol dependent learning of controls Generic MIDI Protocol available Easy Learn replaces old OnTheFlyMappingsOld "Learn Hardware Controller" for Plug-ins has been deactivated Old menu command "Learn Hardware Controller" is using new functionality Easy Learn only with explicit user interaction -> improved workflow Saving of changes of Easy Learn with closing of the program Easy Learn is always active if Hardware Controller Setup is opened Active Sensing messages 0xFE + 0x 0xF8 are ignored for MidiLearn, and are filtered out in the MidiInput Dialog with Ping messages Easy Learn not for modifier buttons Learning of value function to buttons is not possible any longer Enhanced Control List Hardware controls can be assigned to a fixed function. Function Select Dialog: "Global track". This way you can e.g. assign a certain fader to control track 3 all the time, independent of bank changes on the controller. Touch and push controls can be assigned with Drag&Drop to their main controls Modifier assignment of controls is now visible in the list Righ-click on column "Fix Function", assigned Easy Learn function can be removed. Control based . „Apply Fix Function" added Type", changes to the control type can be made (e.g. default button, push button Righ-click on column " and state button) Right-click to "+" element in the Control List: "Expand all / Collapse all" Sorting of the Control List implemented Sorting to „last touched“ Select Function Dialog: Track type selector (Controller Track, Global Track, Active Track, Master Track). No need for special Master functions any more. Parameter element added Control List Filter: Modifier Functions, Subcontrols Dropdown list field, instead of tree on "Learn" page All Control List activities work with multi selection Bugfixes After setting MIDI ports they were sometimes not active until the hardware controller dialog was re-opened again -fixed Inactive Controller should not send nor receive messages -fixed Menu commands that are not available in the program, do not show up in the hardware controller any more Minimum track introduced for channel/bank switch Fader did not move up after project loading -fixed Initialization of controllers and units after leaving the setup dialog with "cancel" failed -fixed No SetToDefault with Touch On (only for Release) -fixed Problems with MIDI-Monitor after leaving the setup dialog with "cancel" -fixed Error when selecting a child controller -fixed Ressource Leak of HWC-DLL -fixed Button messages are now processed by the Mixer, update of Transport console, Track Editor, Track Controls was missing -fixed Hwc-Updates fur Project load, Project create, Project switch optimiert Master EQ controlling -fixed MonitoringVolume controlling -fixed SetToDefault handling -fixed Fader Scale -fixed Update problem when changing the hardware controller -fixed Problems with Master Stereo Enhancer (could not be saved, shows unscaled values, had wrong menu ID) -fixedProblems with Master Faders (Sam->Hwc was not working, L / R could not be learned (#Slot)) -fixed Problems with TrackInputGain (Relativ controls, track based functions, menu entry was missing) -fixed Usage of State-button was not possible -fixed Diverse crash fixes CPS fixes (Touch and Push were were interchanged) "Easy Learn" label instead of "Fix Funktion", also in Mixer/VST-Menu "Hardware Controller Easy Learn" Display update problem after first setup of controllers -fixed Peakmeter assignment of hidden tracks General Program version is shown again in window title Auto-Update can be deactivated completely (incl. menu command) with [Setup] DisableAutoUpdate=1 Auto save settings are global settings now Visualization: Improved value display in Peakmeter Docking Visibility of Track Editors and expanded state of Transport Control is now saved in workspaces Command "Minimize Docker" now also works if docker is not active Managers in floating state show additional information in the window title (e.g. Clipstore, File Manager...) Marker Marker Manager Performance improved, Improved automatic list scrolling Optimized drawing of many CD-Markers Maximum marker name length set to 256 characters Export: Prefix for file names has more digits now for markers >99 (e.g. 001..999, 0001...9999) -fixed When moving a marker in Marker Manager its checkbox state changed Range Manager: Enhanced right-click context menu Take Composer: Option "Synchronize ranges at play start" (default: ON) + Bugfixes for play back in Take Composer Support of multi-touch gestures in Arranger 2 Finger Scroll horizontal and vertical Pinch-Zoom horizontal Improved hitting of object handles if using touch Select object after recording [Setup] SelectRecordedObjects=1 Double-click to object volume handle sets volume to 0dB Option for minimum range length to avoid "Mini" ranges by click into marker timeline Readme can be opened from help menu (Manual addendum) Bugfixes Occasional missing update of Track Editor after loading projects or deleting or adding of tracks The menu indicator for object Spectral display/Comparisonics display was sometimes set wrong Spectral Cleaning: Sometimes existing markers in VIP were renamed to click markers -fixed Not available ASIO driver, e.g. after removing a mobile USB/Firwire audio device, could freeze the program -fixed Canis, Camo, Carbon: 10th plug-in slot in Master had wrong font size -fixed Diverse object drawing issues (e.g. names during scrolling to right) -fixed Play selected object fix Range in Mono wave projects was sometimes not drawn -fixed INSTALL NOTES: - Install the Update - Apply the Crack of your choice (3264bit) in your Samplitude MAIN-Dir. 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    Magix - Samplitude Pro X Suite REPT x86+x64 UPDATE ONLY [12.06.2012, ENG+RUS] + Crack
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  • Magix Samplitude Pro X Suite v12.2.0.170 REPT x86 x64 [2012, ENG], как экспортироватьз в самплитуде в omf, "" loc:RU, скачать la[ audio enhancer на руском языке для пк/к усиление звука без регистрации и смс, скачать MAGIX Samplitude Pro X Suite на руском через торрент с таблеткой

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