Soft Collections 12.2012 x86+x64 [MULTILANG+RUS]

    Soft Collections 12.2012 x86+x64 [MULTILANG+RUS]
    Диск содержит набор самых популярных и необходимых программ, а также для удобства разделен на секции: Multi-Media, графика, Office, Internet, архиваторы, антивирус и система.
    Год: 2012 Размер: 4,18 Гб Разработчик: Zhyk Records Язык интерфейса: Мультиязычный (русский присутствует) Таблетка: Присутствует Версия: 2012 Build 12 Состав диска: 1. Multi-media (software for viewing videos, listening to music, burn CDs) • The KMPlayer v3.4.0.59 (watching movies) • VLC v2.0.4 (watching movies) • AIMP v3.20.1163 (listening to music) • K-LIte Codec v9.55 (Mega) (watching movies) • Nero v12.0.02900 (recording discs and other) • Movavi Video Suite SE v10.3 (converting movies) • Easy CD-DA Extractor v16.1.0.1 (conversion of music) • IPTVPlayer v0.28.1.8826 (view IPTV) 2. Graphics (View images, documents, editing images) • Adobe Reader v11 (View documents and reading books in the format * PDF) • WinDjView v2.0.2 (View documents and reading books in the format * DjVu) • IrfanView v4.35 (View images and editing, group renaming, and editing) • Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Creating and editing images) • FBReader v0.12.10 (Reading books in the format * FB2) • STDU Viewer v1.6.191 (Reading books in any format) • PDF Creator v1.6.0 (* PDF file creation. Virtual Printer) 3. Office (Create and edit documents) • Open Office v3.4.1 (Create and edit documents) • Microsoft Office 2010 (creation and editing of documents) • Microsoft Office 2007 (creation and editing of documents) • Microsoft Office 2003 (creation and editing of documents) • Compatibility Pack (for Microsoft Office 2003, open documents created in newer versions) 4. Internet, postal, Messager (All for the Internet - browsing, reading mail, chat) • Mozilla Firefox v17.0.1 (page viewer) • Opera v12.11 (page viewer) • The Bat v5.2.2 (Program for reading mail) • Mozilla Thunderbird v17.0 (Program for reading mail) • FileZilla v3.6.0.2 (Program to work with the FTP server) • Download Master v5.13.3.1321 (Program for downloading files with FTP server) • chTorrent v3.2.2 (Program for downloading files) • Skype v6.0.60.126 (Messager for online communication - letters, phone calls, video calls) • ICQ v8 (Messager for online communication - letters, phone calls, video calls) • QIP 2012 v4.0.8866 (Messager for online communication - letters, phone calls, video calls) 5. Ahivatory (Open Archives and their creation) • WinRAR v4.20 (Open Archives and their creation) • 7-zip v9.20 (Open Archives and their creation) • Universal Extractor v1.6.1 (Archiver works with many archives) 6. Antivirus (Protect your computer from viruses) • NOD 32 v4.0.437 (Protect your computer from viruses) • Avira Antivirus v13.4.0.261 (Protect your computer from viruses) • Avast v7.0.1474.765 (Protect your computer from viruses) 7. System (System software) • FAR v3.0 (powerful file manager) • TeamViewer v7.0.15723 (program to remotely connect to a computer) • MP3Gain v1.3.4 (Program for working with music files - aligns the volume) • MP3Tag v2.53 (program for editing tags in * mp3) • Easy Recovery Pro v10.0.2.3 (program to recover files) • UltraISO v9.5.3.2901 (burning software, create a virtual drive) • Total Commander v8.00 (powerful file manager) • Revo Uninstaller v1.94 (program for cleaning the operating system) • CCleaner v3.25 (program for cleaning the operating system) • Java v7.9 (update for the operating system) • DirectX (update for the operating system) • R-Studio v6.1.152029 (data recovery after formatting the drive) Read more at
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