CM93/3 (S57) WF589 Pro+ World for MaxSea, dKart and et 589+ Professional + [2012, ENG]

    CM93/3 (S57) WF589 Pro+ World for MaxSea, dKart and et 589+ Professional + [2012, ENG]
    База CM93/3 589 Professional+ от 06 декабря 2012.
    Год: 2012 Размер: 2,43 Гб Разработчик: C-map Язык интерфейса: Английский Версия: 589 Системные требования: XP, Vista, W7 Зона покрытия: Professional + Доп. информация: Тестировалась MaxSea , dKart C-MAP vector charts for Commercial Navigation Continuously extending coverage with frequently added supplementary data - distributed on DVD The C-MAP Professional+ chart product is intended for use on advanced electronic charting and navigation systems such as ECS and ECDIS, with the processing and display power necessary to exploit the full potential of these advanced products. The Professional electronic chart for the Professional Mariner The product is based on the well renowned worldwide chart database distributed in Jeppesen's CM-93/3 format. The Professional+ product is a global vector chart database that navigators have benefited from for years in the ECS and ECDIS systems. The coverage is continuously extending and new kind of supplementary data is frequently added the product. The C-MAP Professional product is the predecessor to Professional+, distributed on CD, with restricted coverage and content. The C-MAP Professional+ chart product is also a suitable basis for use on vessel tracking systems, port VTS, military 3C and combat systems. The C-MAP Professional+ chart product can be used in combination with C-MAP official ENC, a concept known as 'Dual Fuel'. This concept gives the user global chart coverage of vector charts also in areas not covered by ENC. Updates and Maintenance The database, from which the C-MAP Professional+ product is made, is continuously updated by implementing all new charts, new editions of charts and NtM updates. Depending on the customer's need, technical outfit and communication capacity, customers can choose from 3 different options to keep their onboard database updated: - C-MAP Update Service CD/DVD - C-MAP Update Service Online - C-MAP Update Service Online+ Subscribers, who choose C-MAP Update Service DVD, will receive all kind of updates and new charts on a DVD frequently. The customer decides the rate. By choosing C-MAP Update Service Online, the customer will be able to receive all NtM-updates via online communication, while new charts and new edition of charts have to be distributed on DVD via ordinary mail. C-MAP Update Service Online+ enables the customers to download all updates, including new charts, via online connection. Скриншоты:
    CM93/3 (S57) WF589 Pro+ World for MaxSea, dKart and et 589+ Professional + [2012, ENG]
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