Winstep Xtreme v.11.6 build 979

    Winstep Xtreme v.11.6 build 979

    Winstep Xtreme - замена стандартной оболочке Windows со многими удобными функциями, которых иногда очень не хватает в стандартной оболочке. установив пакет вы получите в распоряжение несколько модулей (NextSTART, WorkShelf, FontBrowser, NeXuS), каждый из которых выполняет определенную задачу в оформлении оболочки и обладает своим уникальным набором функций.

    New Features:
    Updated Korean language file.
    Updated German language file.
    Updated Hungarian language file.
    Updated Polish language file.
    Added 'Show this dock when the mouse pointer bumps screen edge' setting to the Behavior tab of the Dock Properties dialog. When this setting is on, the dock will come forward when the associated edge is bumped but focus will be automatically given back to the window that previously had it if the user mouses away without clicking on it.
    Dock resizing and drag & drop of items into and from the dock is now much smoother.
    Added 'Disable/Enable Auto-Hide' option to the Shelf's left mini-tab context menu.
    Cleaned up unused bitmaps in the resource file.
    Context menus now use the menu sub-theme, if available, rather than the primary theme.
    The Shelf now automatically selects appropriate tab position (top or bottom of the Shelf) when you dock it to the top or the bottom of the screen.

    Systray customization with the Tray Manager might not always apply customized icons.
    It was not possible to select an individual tray icon in grouped mode using the Zoom effect.
    Grouped tray icons would suddenly appear 'blurred' when magnified and the group icon updated itself.
    Docks no longer 'lazy render' icons, only sub-docks and the delay has been increased from 400 ms to 900 ms.
    Very large strips of animated icons no longer appear blank in the dock on 32 bit systems.
    The Water mouseover effect could appear a little bit cropped at the bottom for top docks.
    Fixed label overlapping dock icons for non-magnifying docks at the top of the screen when the 'Do not flip background...' setting was enabled.
    Only 'Regular' Shelf tabs are now locked when you enable the global 'Lock Icons' setting, so you can still drop stuff into non-regular (e.g.; file system) tabs.
    Fixed error that could *potentially* crash the application if a file belonging to the group of files that display thumbnails no longer existed.
    Fixed potential problem when dropping files into an empty dock with the 'Lock Icons' setting enabled.
    It was not possible to duplicate a dock item via drag & drop if dropping the item right next to the source item.
    Disabling a dock in the Docks & Shelves tab in Preferences was not releasing the memory used by animated icons on the disabled dock.
    Disabling and then Enabling the Shelf in the Docks & Shelves tab in Preferences could crash the application.
    Older Shelf themes were not displaying correctly.
    If the dock popup delay on mouseover was set to 0 ms it was almost impossible to get to the System Tray hidden icons dialog after clicking the system tray expand button.
    Added fail safe code to prevent situations where mouse click actions on running application items were all set to 'None'.

    Разработчик: Winstep
    Релиз выпущен: 2011
    Активация|рег код: не требуется (инсталлятор уже пролечен)
    Язык Интерфейса: Eng/Рус
    Платформа/ОС: XP/Vista/7
    Размер файла: 33,8 mb
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