Pussycat - Дискография (1976-1983)

    Pussycat - Дискография (1976-1983)
    Исполнитель: PussycatНазвание диска: Pussycat - ДискографияЖанр: Pop,DiscoГод выхода альбомов: 1976-1983Количество альбомов: 6Формат|Качество: MP3 | 320 KbpsВремя звучания: 05:51:12Размер файла: 656,59 МбТреклист:1976 First of all01. Georgie(2:28)02. Pasadena(3:59)03. Boulevard De La Madeleine(2:55)04. What Did They Do To The People(3:04)05. Mexicali Lane(3:09)06. Take Me(2:38)07. Smile(3:50)08. Mississippi(4:33)09. Delaney(3:18)10. Do It(2:12)11. Help Me Living On(3:47)12. Just A Woman(3:39)13. Bad Boy(3:38)1977 Souvenirs01. My Broken Souvenirs(3:56)02. Don't Play Casanova(2:31)03. Get It Higher(3:57)04. The Easy Way(3:24)05. You Don't Know(2:17)06. Smile(3:54)07. Dear John(3:06)08. I Long To Hear Your Footsteps(3:32)09. Someday(5:10)10. One For The Lady(2:45)11. Nothing To Hide(2:25)12. Home(3:48)13. Ein Altes Lied(3:53)14. Abschiedssouvenir(3:56)15. Nur Dir Gehoren(3:36)16. Santa Claus Kept Riding(3:17)17. I'll Be Your Woman(4:44)1978 Wet Day In September01. Wet Day In September(3:39)02. Hey Joe(3:49)03. It's The Same Old Song(3:35)04. Love In September(2:55)05. She Needs A Man(3:43)06. I Must Get You(4:22)07. Another Day(4:16)08. If You Ever Come To Amsterdam(4:49)09. Here Comes That Song Again(3:19)10. The Story Of W Dummy(3:29)11. Look Away(2:52)12. Goodbye To Lovin(3:16)13. Stupid Cupid(2:11)14. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby(2:54)15. I Remember Springtime(3:17)1979 Simply To Be With You01. Daddy(3:48)02. Stranger In Town(2:54)03. A Perfect Love(2:47)04. Don't Love Him(3:24)05. Alleghenny(4:26)06. The Walls Of Xanadu(3:04)07. Let Freedom Range(3:11)08. Three Steps And Then(3:25)09. Doin La Bamba(5:16)10. On The Corner Of My Life(4:07)11. Every Mickle Makes A Mackle(3:10)12. Doin La Bamba (Long Version)(8:33)1981 Blue Lights01. Rio(4:19)02. Blue Lights In My Eyes(4:09)03. Then The Music Stopped(4:44)04. Rain(4:40)05. Cha Cha Me Baby(5:00)06. Who's Gonna Love You(2:44)07. Una Chambre Pour La Nuit(3:21)08. Teenage Queenie(3:33)09. I Don't Wanna Rock'n'roll(3:34)10. Then The Music Stopped(4:00)11. Une Chamber Pour La Nuit(2:55)12. Teenage Queenie(3:27)1983 After All01. Lovers Of A Kind(2:57)02. Dream Lover(2:59)03. Say One Word(3:37)04. Closer To You(3:03)05. Cross The Sea(3:28)06. It's Over(3:49)07. Chicano(4:24)08. Love This Time(3:09)09. I'm Still In Love With You(3:35)10. Chez Lois(3:13)11. If You Go(4:04)12. After All(3:36)13. Take A Look At Me(3:51)14. Living Of A Gipsy(3:44)15. You(3:04)16. Lovers Of A Kind (remix)(2:54) Cкачать бесплатно Pussycat - Дискография (1976-1983):
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