Beyond Panini (Beyond Series) [Illustrated]

    Beyond Panini (Beyond Series) [Illustrated]название : Beyond Panini (Beyond Series) [Illustrated]
    издатель : Silverback Books; illustrated edition
    автор : Silverback Books
    год: 2006
    язык :English
    формат: jpg
    страниц : 82
    ISBN: 978-1596370210
    размер : 6,63 мб
    Для сайта:

    Приготовление итальянских бутербродов Panini

    Panini sandwiches are just as healthy and convenient as their American cousins, but the ingredients revolve around luscious breads topped with healthy Mediterranean staples such as olive oil, garlic, vegetables, fish, low-fat ham, and tasty cheeses. Ingredients are available at any local supermarket, and these tasty combinations can be made in minutes. Try a new panini sandwich every day!
    Excellent price for hardcover, beautiful photography. Developed in conjuction with Macy's stores.

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