Marzipan Magic: Animal Modelling Made Easy

    Marzipan Magic: Animal Modelling Made Easy
    Автор: Maisie Parrish
    Название: Marzipan Magic: Animal Modelling Made Easy
    Издательство: B.Dutton Publishing
    Год: 2003
    Формат: JPG
    Размер: 7.3 Мб
    Язык: Английский
    Страниц: 49

    Книга на английском языке, посвященная изготовлению украшений для кондитерских изделий из марципана. В издании представлены общие сведения о процессе работы с марципановой массой, а также представлены примеры изготовления фигурок животных: утки, зайца, коровы, собак и т.п.

    In this booklet the bases for working with marzipan are explained - a cake to cover up, necessary tools as well as paste, liquid and propellant colors are more near described.
    Further there are very well illustrated guidances to the following animals: Sheep, cow, duck, frog, hare, hedgehog, various dogs and cats.
    At the end of the book a completely decorated cake for each season with a fitting animal is introduced, in order to supply equal a suggestion for the organization.
    To each guidance needed added and materials described, which modelling exactly explained; besides there is some pictures of the finished animals in different attitude as well as a photo with the individual parts which can be modelled.
    The book is completely written on English, however the vocabulary is very well understandable and because of the detailed illustration also for English beginners suitably.
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