The Mary Frances Cook Book

    The Mary Frances Cook Book

    Название: The Mary Frances Cook Book
    Издательство: The John C. Winston Co.
    Автор: Jane Eayre Fryer
    Год: 1912
    Количество страниц: 188
    Формат: PDF
    Размер: 21 mb
    Язык: English

    This volume was selected to represent the several dozen children's cookbooks published in America in the period covered by this project. It is one most loved by people who owned a copy in their childhood. In my thirty years as an antiquarian cookbook dealer, this was the children's book most often requested. And, for good reason. It is a beautiful volume, with charming illustrations, a lovely story line and good, workable recipes.

    In addition to cooking recipes, much can be learned from this book. In common with most other early cookbooks this one has hidden messages telling little girls what their obligations are: they must be obedient, kind, courteous, have good manners, take responsibility, obey parents, serve the males in the household and other quaint Victorian ideas.

    In this volume, the mother has become ill, but fortunately she had fulfilled one of her motherly duties by writing cooking instructions for her daughter to use, should the need arise. When the mother is taken away to recuperate, Mary Frances tries to use the book her mother had written with such foresight. But the little girl is quite unsure of herself and still needs help. Thus she is delighted to find that the cooking utensils begin to talk and instruct her. She becomes quite a success in the kitchen and prepares a homecoming dinner for her mother's return. Her mother praises her and is very proud of her accomplishments.

    However, one need not look for any hidden messages here; simply enjoy this beautiful and inventive children's cookbook.

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