With a Saucepan over the Sea

    With a Saucepan over the Sea

    Название: With a Saucepan over the Sea
    Издательство: Little, Brown And Company
    Автор: Adelaide Keen
    Год: 1902
    Количество страниц: 305
    Формат: PDF
    Размер: 54 mb
    Язык: English

    In the 19th and early 20th centuries, in addition to the many cookbooks devoted to the culinary arts of one specific ethnic or national group, there were American works describing international and multi-ethnic cuisines.

    This handsome volume well represents the latter category. In it we find recipes from twenty-three different countries: England, France, Italy, Scotland, Spain, Czechosovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Monte Carlo, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Ireland, Malta, Roumania, Poland, India, Portugal and Norway. And within many of the countries, certain regions or groups are singled out: there are Jewish recipes from Germany and Poland; recipes from a number of convents; and French recipes from Paris, Normandy, Flanders, Pithiviers, Marseilles, Alsace-Lorraine, Lille, Provence, Languedoc, Brittany, Dieppe, Brest, Vaucluse, Trouville, Nice, Nancy, Montpelier, Lyons, Gascony, Arles, St. Menehould, Montelimar, Strasburg, Amiens, Bar-le-Duc, Nantes, Rouen, and Caen.

    All in all, a comprehensive investigation of European cuisines, often stressing the signature dishes of each region.

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