KULINARYA (A Guidebook to Philippine Cuisine)

    KULINARYA (A Guidebook to Philippine Cuisine)
    Название:KULINARYA (A Guidebook to Philippine Cuisine)
    Автор:Glenda Rosales Barretto, Conrad Calalang, Margarita Fores, Myrna Segismundo, Jessie Sincioco, Claude Tayag
    Издательство:Anvil Publishing, Inc.
    Дата издания:2008
    Размер: 45.25 Mb

    Beautiful oversize, coffee table style book "Kulinarya's team of six chefs, all of whom have made their own mark on Filipino cuisine, had many lively arguments to distill the core principles of Filipino Cooking from the huge diversity of regional and individual practices. The result: a guidebook that brings greater understanding of our cuisine and inspires more careful attention to good cooking practices. The graceful and precise photography of Neal Oshima combines with the clean, practical styling of Claude Tayag to produce a sumptuous vision of Filipino cuisine." --Michaela Fenix "Finally, a cookbook that presents Filipino cuisine for a 21st century global audience." --Thelma San Juan "Kulinarya proposes to put Filipino food classics into the mainstream of international cuisine. It's a book for everyone."

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