Wilton Cake Decorating Yearbook 2010

    Wilton Cake Decorating Yearbook 2010Автор:Wilton
    Название: Wilton Cake Decorating Yearbook 2010
    Издательство: Wilton Enterprises
    Год: 2010
    Формат: pdf
    Размер: 57 mb
    Для сайта: mistergid.ru

    A great cake makes any celebration more fun! There’s no better place to find that unforgettable decorated cake or dessert than this new edition of the 2010 Wilton Yearbook. It’s our biggest Wilton Yearbook ever, with more than 220 designs for cakes, cookies, candies and more. You’ll find a look perfect for your event, from exciting theme birthday cakes and colorful holiday treats to dramatic tiered wedding designs that capture the moment beautifully. In the 1st Birthday Bash special section of the 2010 Wilton Yearbook, we’ll help you make the day a smashing success with the ideal theme ideas. Discover an amazing Noah’s Ark cake with captivating animals, delightful 3-D rubber ducky tiers and a rollicking pirate ship with fun fondant details from stem to stern. It’s all here in the 2010 Wilton Yearbook, along with step-by-step instructions, technique resource guide, complete product section and a website link to more great designs.

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