Simply Italian (Simply Series)

    Simply Italian (Simply Series)название: Simply Italian (Simply Series)
    издатель : Silverback Books
    автор: Silverback
    год: 2004
    формат: jpg
    страниц: 128
    язык: English
    ISBN: 978-1930603288
    качество - среднее
    размер : 32,70 mb
    Для сайта:

    Итальянская пища, в течение многих лет, была любимой .
    Книга с фотографиями и полезными подсказками поможет принести культуру Италии в вашу кухню.

    The Simply Series features cuisine-style food made easy with delicious dishes that you'll want to share with family and friends.
    Prepared with only the freshest ingredients, these books promise to make the flavors shine in your kitchen.
    With beautiful photography, plus useful tips and resources, cooks will enjoy bringing new tastes, from cuisines and cultures around the world, into their home cooking. Healthy, delicious, and perfect for every occasion, from simple greens to tasty tapas and dim sum, you'll find the steps needed to create great food! Italian food, for years, has been the darling of world cuisine. Fresh, quality ingredients are prepared with a light hand to let true flavor shine through. Simply Italian brings a little of Italy's exuberant culture into your kitchen.

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