Swedish Fairy Tales

    Автор:by Herman Hofberg
    translated by W. H. Myers
    Название: Swedish Fairy Tales
    Издательство: Chicago:Belford-Clarke Co
    Формат: PDF
    Размер: 26.5 Mb

    It is probably known to most readers that there is a distinction between Tradition and Saga. Tradition has, or at least seems to have, to do with facts, usually designating some particular spot or region where the incident is said to have taken place, often even giving the names of actors, while the Saga is entirely free in its scope, equally as regards incident, and the time and place of its happening. Not infrequently the traditions of a people are founded upon actual historical occurrences, which, often repeated in the naive manner of the peasantry, become, finally, folklore. A great many are, however, drawn from ancient myths, which, in time, become clad in historical garb, and are located in some particular place.
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