Breakdown (Remnants, 6)

    Breakdown (Remnants, 6)
    Название:Breakdown (Remnants, 6)
    Автор:K.A. Applegate
    Издательство:Scholastic Paperbacks
    Дата издания:2002-05-01
    Формат:rtf, epub
    Размер:5.00 MB

    As Billy continues his mysterious encounter with the shipВ№s powerful core known as Mother, he begins to form a strange connection with her, Mother has generated the RemantВ№s surroundings and is lonely after centuries of isolation. But when Mother delves into the depths of YagoВ№s sinister mind, a strange computer-generated battle erupts. Will Yago sell the rest of the Remnants out to Mother? Will the other Remnants forge an alliance with their enemies to destroy Mother? Will their encounter lead to a better environment В or to their ultimate destruction?

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