Mutation (Remnants, 5)

    Mutation (Remnants, 5)
    Название:Mutation (Remnants, 5)
    Автор:K.A. Applegate
    Издательство:Scholastic Paperbacks
    Дата издания:2002-03-01
    Формат:rtf, epub
    Размер:5.00 MB

    Caught in the depths of their strange new world, MoВ№ Steel and Billy Weir encounter a lost Remnant, Kubric DiSalvo. Unfortunately, the ship has transformed him, replacing his skin with a transparent plastic coating. Scared and awed by the shipВ№s vicious power, the group tries to rejoin heir friends. Meanwhile, the other Remnants are in danger in another stratum of the ship: Yago and Jobs are stuck in a computer-generated sea battle. When the groups meet, Billy finds he can communicate with the shipВ№s core. Will his strange past help him to understand В or even control В the ship in time to save everyone?

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