My first incredible amazing dictionary

    Название: My first incredible amazing dictionary. Мой первый словарь 3-7 лет
    Издательство: Dorling Kindersley
    Год: 2004
    Формат: ISO
    Размер: 280МВ
    Английский словарь для детей. Содержит приблизительно тысячу слов, иллюстрированных картинкой или анимацией; слово и его определение читает диктор.
    Sounds, narration and lively animation make this dictionary a lively interactive tour that far surpasses the teaching capability of traditional dictionaries in book form. Students will be guided through the world of words in an entirely fresh and exciting way with each word having a big, simple, colorful screen, complete with its own definition, illustration, sound and animation. In addition children will learn about opposites, synonyms, word groups and other vocabulary elements, all keys to connecting children to written and spoken words to empower them with good, strong vocabularies and firstrate reading comprehension capability—THE key to success in school in all curriculum categories.
    Key Features:
    -More than 1,000 words defined
    - 850 animations
    - Every word, definition and instruction are spoken aloud
    - Four games with three difficulty levels
    - Positive reinforcement reward system
  • “My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary”

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