A Tundra Food Chain: A Who-Eats-What Adventure in the Arctic (Follow That Food Chain)

    'Aназвание: A Tundra Food Chain: A Who-Eats-What Adventure in the Arctic (Follow That Food Chain)
    серия : Follow That Food Chain
    издатель : Lerner Publications
    автор: Rebecca Hogue Wojahn, Donald Wojahn
    год: 2009
    формат: pdf
    страниц: 64
    язык: English
    ISBN: 9780822575009
    Reading level: Ages 9-12
    размер : 17,05 mb

    Путешествие по арктической тундре .

    Welcome to the arctic tundra! As you hike along the frozen ground of this cold, dry region, the tundra may seem quiet and empty.
    But it is full of life, in the spring when migrating lemmings munch on spring flowers, and even in the winter, when fur-coated wolves, foxes, and hares dart and prowl through the snow.
    Summer and winter in the tundra, the hunt is on to find food--and to avoid becoming someone else's next meal.

    All living things are connected to one another in a food chain, from animal to animal, animal to plant, plant to insect, and insect to animal.
    What path will you take to follow the food chain through the tundra? Will you ... Zoom with a peregrine falcon as it aims for its prey?
    Chomp with a caribou grazing on grasses? Sneak up on a polar bear fishing for its dinner?
    Follow all three chains and many more on this who-eats-what adventure!

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  • путешествие по тундре сочинение повествование, Food chain in Tundras в размере 700 на 700, сочинение-повествование по фото бурый медведь гиппенрейтера

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