The Ellimist Chronicles (Animorphs)

    The Ellimist Chronicles (Animorphs)
    Название:The Ellimist Chronicles (Animorphs)
    Автор:K. A. Applegate
    Издательство:Scholastic Paperbacks
    Дата издания:2000-11-01
    Формат:rtf, epub
    Размер:3.00 MB

    The Ellimist Chornicles. The second I saw it advertised in the backof one of the books I knew I had to have it! I've never read aChronicle I didn't love! It's so interesting to read about charactersand species The Animorphs know nothing about, therefore we're left inthe dark, filled with questions and wonderings. What IS theEllimist(s) anyways? How did it/they become what it/they are today?How great is their power? And how did it/they become involved with theCrayak? All these questions and more are answered in this book.

    Itbegins with the Ellimist with one of the Animorphs, we never find outwhich one. The Animorph is dying, and I'm wondering if this will becarried on into the series, or if it's in the far future. But anyways,the Animorph asks questions about the fight, whether it's in vain, andwhen the Ellimist doesn't reply, s/he reacts in anger, raging aboutwho the Ellimist really is, and why he's controlling them. TheEllimist answers by telling his story, the story of his many lives,his 'death,' and how he became to be what he is today. A mightycreature stretching throughout the entirety of space, yet a tinycreature too small too see. You get to see him as a low-ranking,unimportant Ketran, to a machine-type creature 'fixing' theuniverse. You even witness the amazing battle that's been mentioned inprevious Animorphs, the battle with Crayak that ripped apart thegalaxy. It's an amazing book, and a defnite must-have for any Ani-fan!

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