The Best School Year Ever

    The Best School Year Ever
    Название:The Best School Year Ever
    Автор:Barbara Robinson
    Дата издания:1997-08-30
    Формат:rtf, fb2
    Размер:3.00 MB

    The Worst Kids in the History of the World!
    When anything goes wrong at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School, from the hexing of Bus Six to the mysterious disappearance of the kindergarten gerbil, it's sure to have a Herdman behind it. The Herdmans are more than famous -- they're outlaws. They smoke cigars, lie, and set fire to things, and that's only when they bother to come to school!
    Then a school project forces the students to think of compliments for all their classmates -- including the Herdmans. Is it possible that behind their outrageous pranks there may be something good about this crazy clan after all?

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