Horse (Eye Wonder)

    'Horseназвание : Horse (Eye Wonder)
    издатель : Dorling Kindersley Ltd
    автор : Caroline Stamps
    год: 2010
    язык :English
    формат: pdf
    страниц: 48
    ISBN: 9781405351072
    размер : 5,91 мб

    Лошадь - все о лошадях , факты и фотографии.
    Позвольте вашему ребенку узнавать все об этом невероятном животном, они увидят скелет лошади, присоединяться к школе верховой езды.

    Climb into the saddle and find out all about horses. There is so much to discover about all the different types of horses and the amazing ways in which they live and work with people. Let your child find out all about this incredible animal, they'll see a horse's skeleton, enjoy a day at the races and join a riding school. This book features fantastic facts and dramatic, atmospheric photography that will bring your child face-to-face with horses and will inspire them with a love of learning and discovery. It is iant for homework and school projects, or just for fun!

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