Party Games For Children

    'Partyназвание: Party Games For Children
    издатель : Navneet
    автор: Chandralekha Maitra
    год: 2007
    формат: pdf
    язык: English
    страниц : 52
    ISBN-13: 978-8124303474
    размер : 15,18 mb
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    Детские игры и забавы - организация и планирование детских праздников
    Предлагается обширный диапазон игр, подходящих для различных возрастных групп, с 3 до 11 лет.

    Children's parties are a lot of fun-but they do call for
    careful organization and planning. While the food is,
    of course, of great interest-the right games are what makes
    the party go with a bang! It is well worth giving some time
    and thought to this aspect.
    Make sure to choose a list of games which takes into
    consideration the age group and the number of guests you
    have invited to the party-this may not be as simple as it
    appears, especially if the ages of the children are fairly
    widespread. Another important consideration is the sequence
    of games so that a noisy one is followed by a quieter one and a
    rush-around game is followed by a sit-down one!
    This book has been specially compiled to offer an
    extensive range of games suitable for different age groups,
    from 3 to 11 years. Each game has been methodically
    explained through an easy-to-understand text and beautiful
    illustrations and a check-list of props has also been provided.
    This will enable you to get the bits and pieces together, well
    before the party begins.
    This volume also contains a run-down check-list of all the
    things you will need for the party as a whole-a great help to
    avoid having things missing at the last, frantic moment!
    But, above all, this book is dedicated to the spirit of fun
    and making sure that every party is a great one!

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