Materials (Check It Out!) (Library Binding)

    'Materialsназвание: Materials (Check It Out!) (Library Binding)
    автор: Clint Twist
    год: 2005
    издатель : Bearport Publishing
    формат: pdf
    страниц: 24
    language: English
    Reading level: Ages 4-8
    ISBN: 978-1597160599
    размер : 3,81 mb

    Материалы - то из чего сделаны вещи

    The primary SPACE (science processes and concept exploration) project set out to explore children's understanding of the science subjects covered by the National Curriculum. The reports, grouped according to subject, present the results of the enquiry. They record classroom methods and behaviour, summarize the ways in which the learning process takes place, and outline some of the techniques that might be employed to enhance results

    Our everyday lives are filled with exciting materials. In this introduction to physical science, young readers will explore common materials, such as wood, paper, stone, and more. Children will discover the source of materials, while exploring their common characteristics and uses. Accessible scientific language explains basic concepts, as a series of simple questions encourage children to find the young scientists in themselves. Vivid photographs, clear illustrations, and an easy-to-follow answer key enhance the informative text.

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