101 Circle Time Ideas

    название: 101 Circle Time Ideas
    автор: Gayle Bittinger
    год: 2004
    издатель : School Specialty Publishing
    формат: pdf
    страниц: 82
    language: English
    Ages 3-6
    ISBN : 1-57029-486-0
    размер: 1,68 mb

    Circle time is an important part of an early childhood program. Circle time gives young children an
    opportunity to learn how to be a part of a group, develop listening skills, experience music and movement,
    and play games. Circle time also can be a time for introducing new concepts and practicing language,
    math, and science skills that will be the building blocks for their future learning.

    101 Circle Time Activities is divided into eight chapters, each one reflecting an early childhood curriculum
    area. The activities address many of the skills guidelines set forth by the National Association for the
    Education of Young Children. You will find activities to foster children’s social and emotional development,
    language and literacy skills, and understanding of math concepts. You will also find science activities that
    strengthen children’s observation and reasoning skills, music and movement activities that get everyone
    involved, and group art activities that inspire creativity and cooperation. There are also activities for group
    dramatic play and activities to help children develop their fine and large motor skills.
    You will find an Early Childhood Skills Correlation grid on pages 4 and 5. The skills outlined in this
    grid will help you identify specific activities in this book that address skills you want to focus on in
    your classroom.
    Young children love circle time—gathering together with their friends, listening to stories, and singing

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