Santa`s Guide to Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids (Справочник Санта Клауса по доступным новогодним поделкам для детей)

    'Santa`sНазвание: Santa`s Guide to Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids (Руководство Деда Мороза по простым рождественским поделкам для детей)
    Автор: сборник
    Издательство: Prime Publishing LLC - FaveCrafts
    Год: 2009
    ISBN: не указан
    Страниц: 37
    Язык: eng.
    Формат: PDF
    Размер файла: 1.17 Mb.

    Замечательные новогодние поделки для детей, в том числе – любимые поделки Деда Мороза! Украшения, открытки, сувениры, которые под силу вашему ребенку: для любого возраста и в разных техниках. Материалы доступны, поделки – быстрые и лёгкие. Готовьтесь к Новому году вместе с ребенком!


    Easy Christmas crafts for kids are best when they offer quick and easy materials and instructions. Fun Christmas crafts make happy kids, and less clean-up makes happy moms. We know you're busy this holiday season, so make time for your kids without stressing out about planning a hectic craft time. Check out our newest free eBook featuring 24 kid-friendly Christmas crafts that are easy to make and require a simple set of materials.
    Included in this eBook is our collection of our best kids Christmas crafts, including Santa's Favorite Ornaments, Cards and Gifts from the Kids, and Easy to Make Decorations. There's something for every age and every style. Get into the Christmas spirit with your kids!
    Included in this eBook: Santa's Favorite Ornaments: Festive Ice Skate Ornaments (page 6) - Make an easy Christmas craft using felt and paper clips. These festive ice skate ornaments are quick and easy gifts to make and will look great on your Christmas tree; Tiered Christmas Tree Ornament (page 11) - Get out the scrapbook paper and create a lovely three tiered Christmas tree to hang in a window or on your tree; Cards and Gifts from the Kids: Special Holiday Pocketbook (page 17) - This kids Christmas craft will be cherished by grandparents and relatives alike. Let the kids make this special craft including a photo, unique ornament and a couple of free tickets for BIG hugs! Frosty the Snowman Stand (page 23) - Frosty goes splat in this delicate and artful holiday display. We love his tiny scarf! This makes for a great holiday gift for someone who loves snowmen; Easy Decorations to Make Sparkle Name Stockings (page 26) - Use iron-on designs and paint to decorate plain Christmas stockings this holiday season. Be creative and add a bit of sparkle to your Christmas decorating with this easy stocking craft; Easy Ribbon Wreath (page 34) - For easy Christmas crafts this year, here's a way to recycle your old artificial green wreath to make a pretty ribbon adorned Christmas decoration.
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