Disney Learning : Reading and Phonics

    'Disneyназвание : Reading and Phonics
    серия : Disney Learning Series
    год: 2005
    издатель : Bendon Publishing
    Reading level: Ages 5-7
    формат: pdf
    страниц: 34
    Language: English
    ISBN : 978-1741502305
    размер архива: 11,92 мб

    From the adventures in learning series with Disney Friends
    Reading and Phonics
    Helping your child learn how to recognise letters and sounds is an important first step in teaching him or her how to read.
    Once your child understands that the sounds in words can be represented with letters, he or she will be able to begin to sound out and read words.
    It is also important for your child to practice writing letters and words. Correctly forming letters and learning how to spell phonetic words will give your child a solid skill foundation.
    Here are some suggestions for helping your child learn how to read, write, and spell.

    Алфавит , прописи для детей 5-7 лет

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