Peter Pan (Ladybird Disney Easy Reader)

    'Peterназвание : Peter Pan (Ladybird Disney Easy Reader)
    год: 1996-04-01
    издатель : Ladybird Books Ltd
    автор: By J.M. Barrie, Andrew Hamilton
    формат: pdf
    страниц: 48
    Language: English
    ISBN : 9780721435923
    размер архива: 1,04 мб
    Для сайта:

    Read it yourself is a series of grade d readers designed to give young childre n a confident and successful start to reading.
    Level 2 is for children who are familiar with some simple words and can read short sentences. Each story in this level contains frequently repeated phrases, which help children to read more fluently.

    Read it yourself Level 2
    • Simple sentences and vocabulary
    • Clear type
    • Exciting illustrations closely matched to the story
    • Engaging and entertaining characters
    About this book
    The story is told in a way which uses regular repetition of the main words and phrases.
    This enables children to recognise the words more and more easily as they progress through the book. An adult can help them to do this by pointing at the first letter of each word, and sometimes making the sound that the letter makes.
    Children will probably need less help as the story progresses.

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