1001 Unbelievable Facts


    Автор: Helen Otway
    Название: 1001 Unbelievable Facts
    Издательство: Barnes & Noble
    Год: 2008
    Формат: PDF
    Размер: 5.66 Мб

    1001 Unbelievable Facts (1001 невероятный факт).
    Cartoon narrator and his new friends make reading this book a voyage of discovery. This is an amazing fact-filled journey that proves to be much more compelling than the average reference book. Unbelievable facts are popular on radio, TV and in book format. The appeal is to parents as a wide-ranging, fact-filled reading programme for their children.

    1001 Unbelievable Facts
    Unbelievable Food Facts
    Unbelievable Body Facts
    Unbelievable Animal Facts
    Unbelievable History Facts
    Unbelievable Science Facts
    Unbelievable World Record Facts
    Unbelievable Random Facts
    Your 1001st Unbelievable Fact

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